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For specific subject areas

The ZHL seminar program doesn’t fit your didactic challenges? You would like to implement new, modern methods in your lectures? You would prefer a seminar that teaches didactic competences for your specific expert group?

We’re glad to work out a specialised seminar to further develop the didactic competences of your expert group. The first specialist seminar is for free. 

Your specialist seminar

How to set up a specialist seminar:

  • You can call or mail us.
  • You let us know what topic you would like to cover in a seminar.
  • We agree on a time and date, format and objective.
  • We, or you, will look for a suitable speaker.
  • The seminar will take place in one of the ZHL seminar rooms.
  • The ZHL will initially take on the costs of catering and professional fees.
  • All course participants will receive work units for their participation

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