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Videos: E-tutors’ experience during summer semester 2021

You can watch all e-tutors reflecting on their experiences in this video playlist. Link  to playlist on YouTube.

Video: Experiences from the winter semester 2018/19

Which projects were supported by e-tutors during the semester, and what were their experiences like? Find out in this video!

Video: Experiences from the winter semester 2017/18

We asked e-tutors to talk about their projects:

  • What project did you work on?
  • How did using digital teaching and learning resources benefit this event?
  • What did this job teach you for yourself?

Watch the video in full size here


During their training, students gain skills in these areas:

  • Consulting teachers in selecting adequate digital resources for teaching
  • Co-designing lectures with digital elements
  • Producing learning videos (Screencasts, Streaming)
  • Consulting on questions concerning copyright
  • Supporting throughout the teaching process

Download the complete curriculum here

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