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Input and Idea Workshop for Digitally Based Teaching 

The input and idea workshop is a collaborative event by the ZHL and IT-Service centre. During the workshop, digital teaching-learning projects are discussed in an informal manner, meaning all teachers who are interested can easily get informed.

Every semester, members from the ITS and ZHL prepare 3 to 5 topics to be discussed with teachers during the input and idea workshop. Of course, all participants can get information on any topic beyond the planned ones. This event series offers teachers useful concepts, supports them during the implementation of their ideas, and provides chances for experiences to be discussed. You will have various experts on digital resources in teaching at your disposal.


The course usually proceeds as follows: The 60 minute long event starts with an input phase on current relevant topics, afterwards there will be time for discussions in which you will get to talk about your ideas on implementing digital resources in your lectures. Together, we will try to find solutions for all scenarios. Every event can be visited solitary, without registration. If you wish to be credited with work units, you have to register for the event on profilehreplus.de


You can find all recent dates for the input and idea workshop on profilehreplus.de if you search for “Ideenwerkstatt”. You can also enrol in the respective e-learning course, which will provide you with all information and dates for any new or former workshops. 

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