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Self-learning courses

Some course contents should be available right when you need them. This is why the ZHL has developed self-learning courses that are at your disposal anytime. Some courses even grant you credit for your certificates. You can use the self-learning courses to obtain work units (WU). In order to add the work units to your score, it is necessary that you book the courses via www.profilehreplus.de​notwendig.

The course is back online. You can take it any time. You cannot be credited with work units anymore. Please note that the course contents are still on the level of 2021.

You can also borrow digital media and cameras, or use the video studio for self-production at the ZHL.

  • Introduction and booking the ZHL video studio (Link to Moodle with enrolment key: video)

Link to our booking calendar, showing booked and available slots at the video studio (Link to our Google Kalender).

  • Accessible e-learning courses, videos, PDF- and Word documents [DiL] - Online self-learning course (Link to ProfiLehrePlus​, Link to Moodle with enrolment key: barrierefreielehre)

This course is online.

At the moment, we are working on two additional self-learning courses that will allow you to gain work units in order to obtain a higher education didactics certificate. 

  • Digital tools in teaching

In this course, we will introduce you to the Trello board, and gain work units reflecting on how to use certain tools. You can find the link for the Trello board for “Digital Tools for Teaching in Higher Education” in German, as well as the Trello board “Digital Tools for Teaching in Higher Education” in English.

  • Rhetoric in front of the camera

Our successful video series with rhetoric-trainer Barbara Greese is currently being redesigned into a self-learning course. That way, you can learn how to successfully present in front of a camera, while earning work units. The series will only be available for teachers in Bayreuth. The videos are already available, you can enrol for the self-learning course starting 2023.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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