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Peer-oriented teaching development

As a part of the QUADIS project, we organise exchange formats based on peer-oriented teaching development. This allows you to network and exchange experiences with your coworkers.

During the winter semester 2022/23, our new exchange format “ZHLxChange” will premiere. Inspired by peer-oriented consultation, this format is divided into six phases which aim to support you in processing and conducting your teaching ideas through a multi-perspective approach. Aside from two exchange meetings with other teachers, you will present your teaching idea to your students and receive their feedback, before actually realising your project. Throughout the whole process, higher education didactics and colleagues will assist you. You will benefit from this format, as you will gain three new perspectives (from your colleagues, didactic experts and students) on your teaching ideas. This way, you can test your new ideas and feel more secure when implementing them in your lectures. You can find further information under the following link: https://profilehreplus.de/seminare/fbzhlxchange-putting-innovative-teaching-to-the-test .

Do you have further suggestions and ideas for new peer-oriented exchange formats? Then please let us know! Aside from ZHLxChange, we would like to try out new formats in the future, and implement successful ones in our permanent course offer. 

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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