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Center for Teaching and Learning - Zentrum für Hochschullehre (ZHL)

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The Centre for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education offers teachers various formats for interaction. Their goal is to encourage interdisciplinary peer interaction, and to support you in realising your teaching ideas.  

We cordially invite you to take part in our exchange formats. Aside from interacting with your colleagues, you will also have the opportunity to profit from exchange with higher education didactic experts.

We currently offer the following interaction formats:

  • ZHL Consulting and Coaching
  • Hospitation in your lecture
  • Input- and idea workshop on digitally supported teaching
  • ZHLxChange for peer-oriented teaching development
  • Sustainability in teaching - peer interaction on teaching and sustainable developments
  • Discussing university teaching

You can find all current dates for exchange offers in our ZHL seminar program or on www.profilehreplus.de. There, you can also register for our different exchange formats, in order to gain work units for your participation.

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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