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Center for Teaching and Learning - Zentrum für Hochschullehre (ZHL)

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For all teachers

The Centre for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL) acts as a service point for any questions you may have regarding teaching at the University of Bayreuth. We support and consult research associates, doctoral students and postdocs as well as lecturers as they prepare, conduct and revise their individual teaching.

Our goal is to refine teaching, support innovation and individual projects, and encourage mutual exchange on teaching. In the process, we take a competence-oriented approach. Apart from that, we support funding proposals in order to improve teaching and encourage the use of digital resources in teaching. 

The Centre for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL) supports teachers by:

  • Consulting on individual development
  • Providing feedback on digital learning tools, e.g. e-learning
  • Hospitation and supporting teaching development
  • Ideas and impulses for didactic innovation
  • Well-structured certificate programs
  • Lending media (e.g. presentation kits or video studio)
  • Training and funding student assistants (especially e-tutors) 


The ZHL coordinates and finances workshops with well selected, experienced and innovative speakers. We also organise experts for individual coachings (e.g. during advanced seminars or the certificate program ‘Digital Resources in Teaching’).

You can find a list of all ZHL courses on this page. You can book courses on www.profilehreplus.de.


All workshops and seminars are divided into five different subject areas. Those areas reflect the respective fields of activity of teaching, as well as the areas of Bavarian certificates for higher education teaching:

  • Section A: Teaching-Learning Concepts
  • Section B: Presentation and Communication
  • Section C: Examination
  • Section D: Reflection and Evaluation
  • Section E: Consulting and Supporting

This distribution of different areas is in line with the standards we have developed in collaboration with the committee “Netzwerk ProfiLehre”, which all Bavarian universities are part of, as well as the project “profiLehrePlus”. The contents follow nationwide certificates.


  • You can register for the courses on www.profilehreplus.de by signing in for your course of choice. You will have to register once beforehand. To do so, please use your business email address. Please keep our terms of participation in mind.
  • Some courses require a fee. Please pay that fee on time. You will find all the information you need in the email, which we will send to you shortly after you have enrolled.
  • You are taking part in a seminar. We recommend you visit all seminar units, and actively participate in workshops.
  • By successfully taking part in seminars, you will gain work units (WU) which you can check on anytime on the enrollment platform “Mein ProfiLehrePlus”.
  • If you complete a certain amount of seminars from different areas, we can offer you a certificate for higher education teaching.

The general interdisciplinary courses regularly take place each semester. Every semester, new course contents are added. If you have special interests or topic requests, feel free to reach out to us at zhl@uni-bayreuth.de

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