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team_doelle Dipl.-Päd. Paul Dölle

since 2015Promotion on "Lerntransfer in der hochschuldidaktischen Weiterbildung" under Prof. em. Walter Bender, University of Bamberg
since 2012Research assistant at the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL) at the University of Bayreuth
2009 - 2012Research assistant at the Centre of Business Research for Mid-market Economy e.V.(BF/M-Bayreuth) at the University of Bayreuth)
2009Diploma in Pedagogy focusing on adult education at the University of Bamberg

Key Tasks:

  • Seminar administration and -organisation of higher education didactic certificate programs 
  • Conducting ProfiLehrePlus projects within the BMBF funded “Qualitätspakt Lehre” (2012 to 2020) program 
  • Training student tutors and e-tutors 
  • Coaching and mentoring for teachers


  • Supporting teachers in further developing their teaching 
  • Further developing the higher education didactic seminar program 
  • Implementing digital resources in teaching 
  • Further education for student tutors and e-tutors


  • Basics of higher education didactics, including student tutors 
  • Hybrid teaching -  technology, didactics and concepts 
  • Teaching-learning videos, video-workshop, mini-film-studio 
  • Social Media - communicating science through new channels
  • E-hosting and hosting group processes and student input 
  • Activating and interacting with students through analogue and digital methods and platforms (BYOD) 

Dipl.-Päd. Paul Dölle
Research Assistant

Büro-Center Bayreuth Süd
Haus 4, Raum 4.2.10
Nürnberger Str. 38
95447 Bayreuth

Telefon: 0921 / 55-4650
E-Mail: paul.doelle@uni-bayreuth.de

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Lena-Maria Härtl

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