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Voting Cards

The voting cards, designed by the ZHL, are a medium that is suitable for a large variety of purposes. You can actively engage students in your lectures. The cards are a tool to gain student opinions on certain topics.

By posing a question beforehand, you can encourage your students to actively reflect on a certain matter. Afterwards, they can communicate their answer through their voting cards. This way, you can easily find out whether your students possess former knowledge on a subject, you can introduce them to new subject areas, repeat and deepen certain subjects or ask them for their opinion.

Previous experiences with voting cards at the University of Bayreuth have shown that students, especially in larger groups, can concentrate better and work more actively during lectures.

All teachers can order voting cards via email. Send us your faculty address to zhl@uni-bayreuth.de, and we will post your requested amount of voting cards as soon as possible.

Using voting cards: Video tutorial 

Click on this picture, to view the video tutorial on mms.uni-bayreuth.de. 

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