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Fabian Merks

since 2023 Research assistant in the project "Improving quality in digitally supported teaching" at ZHL

2020-2023 Master's programme in Media Culture and Media Business at the University of Bayreuth

2018-2021 Student assistant at the University of Bayreuth (MOOC production and workshops for media studies in the field of media production)

2016-2020 Bachelor's degree programme in Media Studies and Media Practice at the University of Bayreuth

2015-2016 Internships in film and television in Hamburg and Cologne

  • Conception and realisation of innovative blended learning seminars in the field of university didactics
  • Audiovisual media production
  • Theoretical research background: Parasocial relationships and the media-cultural significance of vloggers

Fabian Merks
"QUADIS" project team member

Nürnberger Str. 38 Bürocenter Bayreuth Süd, ehemals Zapf, Haus 4 Raum 4.2.19 95440 Bayreuth

Phone: 0921-55-4637
E-mail: fabian1.merks@uni-bayreuth.de

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