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For Newly Employed Professors

As a newly employed professor, you might encounter various challenges at your new university, especially when it comes to teaching. In this workshop, the Centre for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ZHL) at the University of Bayreuth will provide you with impulses to innovatively rethink and redesign your teaching. You will get to work on your competences in order to plan and conduct your own lectures in a goal-oriented and efficient manner. 

Throughout the seminar, we will work on the following areas:

  • Possibilities for the ZHL to support your teaching
  • Exchange and reflection on your own teaching
  • Topics on the State of the Art of higher education teaching, depending on your individual interest, e.g.: teaching and learning theories, didactic models, skills acquisition, efficient seminar concepts, motivation, etc.
  • Applying digital supporting techniques (e.g.: audience response systems, teaching videos, tools for online-courses, …)

ZHL seminar offers for the newly employed

  • Seminar "Creating Innovative Teaching" on March 20th and 27th 2023 -  Click here for full course description and enrolment
  • Seminar "Creating Innovative Teaching" again in October 2023 - (no link available yet) 

The seminar is a compact introduction to higher education didactic teaching. Professors with extensive or minimal teaching experience are welcome to join. After the seminar, you have the option of receiving consultation on higher education didactics with a member of the ZHL.

We recommend all newly employed to make use of the ZHL services. Those include:

  • Funding and training e-tutors, who can assist you in developing digital elements
  • Training student tutors to design tutorials
  • The video studio, which offers free equipment for you to produce teaching videos
  • Consultation, hospitation and support during teaching projects and evaluations

Your contact persons are:

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Paul Dölle

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