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Certificate Program “Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources” 

This certificate program allows all teachers at the University of Bayreuth to participate in a well structured and individually customised education and coaching program. It contains phases of self-reflection (through a guided evaluation sheet in e-learning), consulting offers (either on site or digitally), input and ideas (on a broad range of topics) as well as the conception, conduction and evaluation of an individual teaching project using digital resources. 

Purpose of this program

After successfully completing this certificate program, teachers will have planned, conducted and evaluated their own individual teaching project using digital resources, as well as enhanced their knowledge and skills on dealing with digital teaching-learning formats, methods and technologies.    

How to teachers benefit from this program?

  • Input and inspiration, recommendations on digital resources in teaching
  • Guidance in reflecting their own teaching, optional evaluation meeting
  • Consulting by a ZHL higher education didactic throughout one or two semesters
  • Support for your teaching project and project report as a first step toward a publication
  • Personal coaching on your own teaching with individual, peer feedback
Reflection of your own teachingHide

As soon as you have registered for the certificate program, your individual evaluation sheet will unlock in the corresponding e-learning course. It will guide you in reflecting and evaluating your previous teaching experiences, as well as your teaching expectations. Your personal reflection is the base of a bilateral introductory meeting, in which we will discuss your personal goals as well as ways to realise them during the certificate program.

A possible starting point of your journey toward digitally based teaching could be a desire for change (“this is not going the way I planned”), a wish to enhance your teaching (“my students’ performance is below average”), wanting to try out a mix of different methods (“I’d like to try something new this semester), finding joy in trying something new (“I noticed a digital tool that I’d love to try out”) or the conscious decision to enhance your students’ digital skills (“Aspiring digital competence”). 

Teaching project using digital resourcesHide

If you already have an idea on implementing digital resources in teaching, you can further pursue it during the program. You will be credited with 36 WU for preparing and conducting a lecture. We will support you during the conception, conduction and evaluation of your teaching project. Afterwards you will issue a project report, that can optionally be elaborated as a precursor of a publication. You will receive extensive feedback on your teaching project.

The range of didactic innovation through digital resources includes implementing certain digital tools (Pingo,Quizze, Clicker) for as long as a semester, or can go as far as completely reworking your seminar concept into a Flipped Classroom for a heterogeneous student body. Digital methods for activating and engaging students (even during self-learning or in blended learning) are as suitable for a teaching project as implementing certain media (tutorials, blogs, wikis, etc.). You are free to introduce your own ideas, or get inspired during coaching. 

Coaching and consulting by ZHL membersHide

Depending on your project, you will be coached by Frank Meyer, Anja Hager or Christoph Koch. At the moment, Christoph Koch is in charge of coordinating the certificate program “Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources”. Please feel free to contact us!

Throughout the duration of the certificate program (which can be easily completed within two semesters) you are free to contact the responsible ZHL member any time. You will have met during an introductory meeting, which will lay the ground for a successful coaching.

Higher education didactics seminars on digitally teachingHide

As a part of the ProfiLehrePlus network offers, there are several seminars that deal with digital resources in the context of higher education didactics (you can find them in the list of seminar offers on www.profilehreplus.de if you search “DIL”). In order to attain the certificate “Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources” (DIL), you need 24 WU from this area.

If you have already participated in suitable higher education didactic seminars (e.g. in one of the Bavarian “Certificate for Teaching in Higher Education of the Bavarian Universities”), you might be able to be credited for your participation. Even short events (with 2 WU) like the “Input and Idea Workshop” or the “Digital Didactic Shorties” can generate work units. 

Additional offers outside the certificate programHide

Optionally, we can set up exchange meetings with colleagues, organise networking events outside of your chair, present your teaching project in various higher education didactic formats, or help rework your teaching project into a didactic publication. All of these offers are optional and flexible.

We have compiled a list of exchange- and interaction offers for you here. 

We are happy to provide advice on digital resources in teaching!

All dates for coachings and hospitations are included in the registration fee for the certificate program.

You can register under “Certificate Program Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources” or by reaching out to us under zhl@uni-bayreuth.de (subject: Certificate Program). 


The certificate Program “Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources” is an additional offer for teachers at the University of Bayreuth and includes a total of 60 work units on everything digital.

  • Self-tuition, consulting and developing digital competences (guided padlet)
  • Conception, conduction and evaluation of a teaching project (optionally with hospitation)
  • Coaching and consulting by a ZHL member (on individual dates and topics)
  • Participating in seminars on digital resources in teaching
  • Evaluation and presentation of your own learning progress, potential publication 

Registration, materials, downloads and links

You can register through the course “Certificate Program Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources” on www.profilehreplus.de (the dates on the website are not valid, you can start whenever you choose). Afterwards, we will give you access to your personal learning portfolio on the e-learning-extern-platform, which you can work on independently, and that will give you all the information on the course syllabus and your exercises. You can download the complete curriculum description here. You can individually start the program at any time. If you have any further questions, please contact Christoph Koch (zhl@uni-bayreuth.de).

Your benefits

maximum flexibility within the certificate program Hide
  • Free choice on which Digital Teaching (DiL) courses you would like to be credited for 
  • No fixed dates and times (the dates on ProfiLehrePlus are only optional) 
  • Begin the program “Advancing Teaching and Learning Processes through Digital Resources” any time
  • It will usually take one to two semesters until you receive your certificate
​personal, individual and uncomplicatedHide
  • Consultation and coaching suited to your demands and needs
  • Appointments at individual times in Teams, Toom, per Telephone or on-site in your lecture
  • Optional hospitation in your lecture
  • Guided reflection by answering questions in your private e-learning section
  • Crediting previous seminars from the field (e.g. VHB, nationwide higher education didactics) 
suitable to your teachingHide
  • Consultation and support concerning conception, teaching methods, teaching organisation, conduction and reflection
  • Consultation and input on optional digital resources in your teaching scenarios 
  • Recommendations and ideas as well as good-practice-examples from a variety of fields 
  • Anytime it suits your course planning 
broad offer to choose fromHide
  • Broad offer of part-time and full-time workshops within ProfiLehrePlus
  • Digital and analogue further training and self-learning courses centred around digital resources in teaching
  • Short workshops and exchange formats as well as Didactic Shorties and Input and idea workshops 
​peer-oriented, counselled and moderated exchangeHide
  • All counsellors within the program have diverse experiences from school, universities and various coachings
  • At the same time, all counsellors are working on innovative projects, e.g. in digital teaching 
  • We can schedule optional exchange meetings with co-workers 
  • We can host optional exchange meetings
crediting of seminarsHide
  • You can receive credit for former participation in seminars from Bavarian ProfiLehrePlus offers
  • You can receive credit for former participation in seminars from the area (e.g. VHB, nationwide higher education didactics)
  • You can receive credit for seminars from our certificate program “Bavarian Higher Education Didactics”


Afterwards, you can visit the corresponding course on our e-Learning-extern-platform (registration key: Zertifikat), where you can find further information on the syllabus and your exercises. 

Übersicht des Zertifikatsprogramm DiL

You can register through the course “Certificate Program Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources” on www.profilehreplus.de (the dates on the website are not valid, you can start whenever you choose).

Former participants share their experiences with the certificate program “Advancing Teaching-Learning Processes through Digital Resources”

In the following short videos, former certificate participants give an insight into the certificate program. Some of them have repeatedly applied and evaluated a certain medium, others have enriched a special seminar with digital resources. All of them share their personal experiences and the impact on their own teaching. 

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