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Training of E-Tutors

The Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education at the University of Bayreuth offers a training programme for E-Tutors. Student assistants receive an overview of the possibilities and use of digital learning resources and are supposed to support teachers in their work. They can provide advice, support and help to select digital teaching-learning processes suitable for their own discipline, and to develop and design them together with the teachers. The Center of Learning and Teaching in higher Education finances the personnel costs for ten e-tutors with funds from study grants.

During their studies, students acquire knowledge about the use of digital resources in teaching. They have an overview of teaching-learning formats as well as possible applications of different methods in interaction with digital media and technologies. They know the respective advantages and disadvantages and can use the most important technologies and media. They are able to advise interested teachers in selecting suitable media, technologies, methods and formats for the respective course. The e-tutors support the teachers in the preparation and implementation of the courses. The e-tutors are trained to deal with copyright issues. 

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