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Innovative Teaching - Seminar for new Professors at the University of Bayreuth

28.09.2023 , 09:00 - 12:30 Uhr 12.10.2023 , 09:00 - 12:30 Uhr
ZHL der Universität Bayreuth Nürnbergerstr. 38, Bayreuth This workshop will be a hybrid workshop. It's recommended to come to classroom in Bürocenter Bayreuth Süd (formerly Zapf) House No. 4, Room 4.2.12-13. If you're not able to come to Bayreuth, pl

As a new professor, you will face many challenges at your new university, especially in the area of teaching. With this workshop, the Centre for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (ZHL) at the University of Bayreuth offers you impulses to rethink your teaching and to design it innovatively. You will work on competences to design and implement courses in a goal-oriented and efficient way.
In the workshop, we build on your understanding of and experience in teaching. In this way, we want to do justice to the heterogeneity and the different perspectives of the participants and enrich the reflection process on your own teaching. The design possibilities for the (further) development of current teaching/learning scenarios will be dealt with depending on your individual state of teaching, your content and other framework conditions. Against the backdrop of social and technological changes, we also see the need to design future-oriented teaching/learning processes in interaction with the students. The use of digitally supported methods offers great potential for the design of innovative teaching.
The aim of the workshop is for you to put your own teaching to the "test" in order to take up innovative impulses for the further development of your teaching, if necessary. The ZHL will be happy to support you in implementing new ideas in your teaching, especially in the following.


  • ZHL's support options for teaching
  • Exchange and reflection on your own teaching
  • Topics on the state of the art of university didactics, depending on your interests, e.g: Teaching-learning theories, didactic models, acquisition of competences, efficient conception of courses, motivation
  • Use of digitally supported methods (e.g.: audience response systems, teaching videos, tools for online courses)

Time schedule:
Common start on 28.09.2023
Self-learning time between the dates in the blended learning format (with approx. 2-3 hours of time required)
joint conclusion on 12.10.2023

Contact person:
Centre for Teaching an Learning in Higher Education (ZHL)
PD Dr. Frank Meyer
e-mail: Frank.Meyer@uni-bayreuth.de

Telephone no.: 0921/55 4637


Organisational note:
!!Participation in this workshop is reserved exclusively for professors whose mother tongue is not German!!
Registration is only open to newly appointed professors who have been explicitly informed of this seminar by e-mail or with whom participation has been agreed as part of the appointment negotiations.

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Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Shuhang Liu

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