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Center for Teaching and Learning - Zentrum für Hochschullehre (ZHL)

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Media and technology for teachers

We offer a large variety of higher education didactic services for you to improve your unique teaching. All offers are for free. You can gain work units (WU) by making use of these offers. For more information, please contact us via phone or email.

Video studio for ProductionEinklappen

Our small video studio is located at the Zapf building, and allows you to easily record and produce your own teaching videos, even if you have little to no previous knowledge on video production. Our studio allows you to focus on the didactic conception and presentation of your information, we provide all the equipment you will need. All presets, settings and cables are already set up and waiting for your presentation. All teachers at the University of Bayreuth can record in our video studio on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

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Lending out video technologyEinklappen

Apart from our studio, we lend out full media production sets. This offer targets teachers with little to no previous knowledge, however our high-quality Blackmagic Pocket Cam 6k pro allows for high-quality and complex productions as well. Our service packages are modularly divided, and can be freely combinable.

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Lending out presentation materialsEinklappen

For paper-based-analogue presentations, pinboards, flipcharts and presentation packages can prove useful. We lend out these materials. All in all, we own six pinboards, three flipcharts and three presentation toolboxes that we lend out on demand. 

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Voting CardsEinklappen

The voting cards, designed by the ZHL, are a medium that is suitable for a large variety of purposes. They allow you to actively engage your students in your lecture, or to gain their perspective on a certain question or topic. All teachers can order a set of voting cards via email to zhl@uni-bayreuth.de.  

Collection of digital toolsEinklappen

In our overview, we introduce you to digital tools that are suitable for teaching. Aside from information on how to handle the tools, you will also find details on whether or not the medium is in line with the German Datenschutzgesetzverordnung, and are therefore dsgvo conform. We also present possibilities for application.

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